Kevin Jonas’s daughter can’t keep a secret either – she spilled the beans about the Jonas Brothers reunion to her entire school!
Why can't our toddlers and preschoolers keep secrets?
“She did tell her entire school that, you know, the Jonas Brothers are coming back, before the Jonas Brothers were.” (Getty Images)

What possesses our little ones to divulge secrets we’ve explicitly told them not to? I mean, how do you expect me to trust you, Isra, if every time I give you a sweet and we religiously go over, “Don’t tell mama,” you scoff it up and then casually proceed... to tell mama?

Sure, we pride ourselves on having honest and honourable children, but mama didn’t raise no snitch. 

Truth is, toddlers and preschoolers can keep secrets, they’re just choosing not to.

Babycenter explains that around three or four years old, when presented with a secret your little ones have an opportunity to exercise a newfound control and independence.

“Fours love secrets – possessing information that others don't have... They're deciding how much others need to know.” The information they have gives them power. 


We’re not sure if this was the case for Kevin Jonas who recently revealed his daughter almost completely ruined the surprise Jonas Brothers reunion. 

Kevin, Nick and Joe had been planning to reunite for almost a year, but managed to keep it a secret. Kevin’s daughter, Alena, 5, nearly spilled the beans though, because she was just so excited her dad was going to be a Jonas Brother. 

Sharing a precious video on The Tonight Show, Kevin told Jimmy Fallon, “She did tell her entire school that, you know, the Jonas Brothers are coming back, before the Jonas Brothers were.” 

“Luckily, those five-year-olds are tight-lipped,” Nick joked.  

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Does your little one also have trouble keeping secrets? Any hilarious ones they've revealed to the family?

Tell us and we may share your stories. 

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