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Teen development

Your young adult is developing independence at a rapid pace now. Learn more about their emotional, social and physical development in our Teen Development section. 

For our teen development articles, click here.

Teen fun

From tips for hosting a party for teens to trivia quizzes, you can find fun stuff for teens on Parent24.

For fun content for and about teens, click here.

Teen learning

In our Learn/High School section, we cover Grade 8 to Grade 12. Homework, exams, study methods, study guides... we try to help parents and learners to enjoy learning. We also do a yearly round-up of South Africa's top schools.

For high school learning tips, click here.

A to Z of common childhood illnesses

From asthma to whooping cough, German measles to chicken pox, we talk you through the common diseases kids pick up, and what you can do.

For our A to Z of common kids diseases, click here.

School-fee exemption calculator

Are you eligible for a discount in school fees? We help you to calculate how much you need to pay.

Click here for our school-fee exemption calculator.

Baby names

Curious to know what your child's name means? We've compiled a list with more than 4,000 baby names for boys and girls! We have African baby names, Afrikaans baby names, Arabic baby names, European baby names, Biblical baby names and baby names in each of our country's 11 languages! If you see a gap in meaning or origin, or you have a name we haven't got on the list, please help us complete the list by emailing babynames@parent24.com.

Click here for our extensive South African baby name list.

Is there something you'd like to more know about but can't find on Parent24? Please email us at chatback@parent24.com and we'll do our best to either find that article for you or write one in future!

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