WATCH: 5 easy and creative DIY bookmarks for the new school term
We've put together a DIY showing the kids how to make quick and easy bookmarks they can make from things you've most probably already got lying around in the house. Scroll down for the video and a few handy tips and tricks.

With the new school term well on its way, your older kids are probably already buried in their books preparing for exams, while your littler ones are getting home in the afternoons, lazying around and looking for something to do, anything, as long as it's not homework-related. And they could probably do with a break too, after a full day of classes, extra-curricula activities, homework and studying.

We’ve got lots of DIY videos on the site to get you started, but we’ve also just put together a compilation of easy DIY bookmarks the kids can make and use at school this term. They’re quick, easy and you’ve probably already got everything you need at home. Check out the video below and scroll down for the tools they'll need to put together their bookmarks.

Paper craft corner bookmark

All you’d need for this one is a sheet of cardboard, cut into a square. Make sure your cardboard isn’t too thick, because you’ll be putting your origami skills to work.

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Featured book: Harry Griesel: Die Zombie-Ontvoerder, by Sonja Kaiblinger

Magnetic bookmark

You’ll need a strip of cardboard, 2 small magnets, tape or glue and a pair of scissors to put this bookmark together. It’s pretty simple and super easy to do.

WARNING: Beware if you’ve got babies and toddlers in the house. These magnets look too appetising and they may just put it in their mouths, but it messes up their intestines and can be lethal! Hand out only the required amount of magnets and make sure they're accounted for afterwards so no magnet rolls under a desk or sofa, where visiting or resident babies may fish them out. 

diy, bookmarks

Featured book: Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones, by Emma Sadleir & Lizzie Harrison

Paper clip bookmarks

Get out a few paper clips and lots of bits and bobs – this bookmark idea won’t take you more than a few minutes to put together, because all you’re really doing is choosing a vintage button or two and gluing it all together.

diy, bookmarks

Featured book: You Are Awesome, by Matthew Syed

diy, bookmarks

Featured book: Haas Das se Nuuskas, by Louise Smit

Animal bookmarks

These animal bookmarks are adorable and the kids will love them as they tuck into their favourite book, with their little friend peeping over the pages.

All you need to do is click on our Parent24 printables below to download and print them out.

diy, printable, bookmarks

Be sure to print it onto cardboard or stick your sheet onto harder board. This will just ensure they don’t bend and tear over time. But don't go too thick or the little paws will have trouble folding over the page.

diy, bookmarks

Featured book: Best-Loved Paddington Stories, by Michael Bond

What was your favourite book to read growing up? Are there any books your children are currently reading that they can’t seem to put down? What do you and your kids use as book marks? Send us their titles to

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