PODCAST | My pregnancy journey - with triplets - on Chatback with Parent24
Listen to mom Chantelle Whittles as she takes us with her on her pregnancy journey.
My pregnancy journey - with triplets! (Supplied)

Mom and journalist Chantelle Whittles is sharing her pregnancy diary with Parent24: she and her husband, and their little boy, are expecting triplets! Any day now, too. 

As Chantelle's baby bump grows, she shares her journey with us: from budgeting to breastfeeding and beyond, follow her diary on Parent24 as she reveals what to expect when expecting triplets: 

The A-Bundlely Blessed Diaries

As her pregnancy draws closer to it's inevitable end, we caught up with her for some insights into what it's like being pregnant with three babies. 

Listen to her share her experience with us on our podcast 'Chatback with Parent24' above or below: 

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