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Parent24 has compiled a shortcut to finding all you need to know about the lock down.
There are some tricks to avoid this “emotional” onion experience. (iStock)

Parent24 understands the concerns and anxiety you're feeling as the Covid-19 pandemic makes itself known across South Africa.

See below for our comprehensive list of lockdown-related news, information and advice, updated daily.

Alicia Keys and other stars to explain Covid-19 to kids and air their concerns

The Nickelodeon (DStv 305) channel will broadcast a special to give a kid's-eye view of life amidst the growing Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

'The most I can do is also the least': A local dad on what it means to be a father in lockdown

"We may not be going off at dawn in these 21 days to save lives, but we can wake each morning with a renewed desire to raise our sons and daughters and instil in them a hope and a certainty that they are not alone."

It's official, no movement of children during lockdown. Unless...

Unless..No parent should want to go against the regulations to enforce their rights to contact; it will have criminal and financial implications. 

Make your own mask: A local sewing teacher shows us how

Medical grade masks are in short supply globally, and so some overseas hospitals have asked the public to sew and donate fabric masks to them.

Covid-19 | WATCH: Empowering tips on staying safe from an expert on the front line of the medical fight

"I am confident that the stuff I can tell you today should make you guys feel like when this comes to your community that you don't have to be scared and that you can protect your family."

Gabi Lowe on protecting vulnerable children during the lockdown

Those in good health find self-isolation challenging, but it is likely to be more so for those with loved ones with compromised physical, mental or emotional health

Five fun and free things families can do together during the lockdown

The national lockdown has just begun and you may have already reached the end of ideas on what to do as a family.

Parents recreate Disney World after their family trip was cancelled – and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!

These parents did the sweetest thing for their kids.

Lower your panic levels with this free Covid-19 online assessment test

Minimise your stress levels over your children's (or your own) coughs and sneezes and take this online test.

WATCH: This girl cried because she can no longer have takeaways due to the lockdown and we can relate

This video of Layla, 4, shared by her mother, Joanne Charlton, 30, has gone viral on social media and we can absolutely understand why

Custody and visitation allowances in lockdown: 'We just don't know'

"During this time of lockdown, surely the father cannot still pick the child up for visitation? Or is there lenience for that?"

Do you have enough toilet paper to last the coronavirus lockdown? Find out here

So while the threat of Covid-19 looms large in our lives, the fear of running out of that essential may drive some of us to panic at the thought.

How to manage co-parenting and visitation in a coronavirus crisis

Parents have to lead with understanding, co-operation and some maturity: this too will pass.

Is your family emotionally prepared for the national lockdown?

"Many in isolation experience a sense of 'cabin fever'. This often involves feeling dissatisfied, restless, irritable and bored when confined." See this list of tips by mental health experts from around the world on surviving life under quarantine.

Still, little clarity on co-parenting and custody in lockdown

Who has the kids during lock down, and can they travel between homes?

What happens if I go into labour during the national lockdown? A local expert advises

It is vital for expecting moms to check in with their gynaecologist or birthing team about their due date and specific requirements as soon as possible.

PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains lockdown, and shares her tips for families

Dr Carol Bosch unpacks the various considerations around the impending national lockdown.

Critical numbers and contacts for families in lockdown 2020

If you haven't got the national emergency numbers saved in one easy to access place, Parent24's got you covered.

Are parents drinking too much while at home with their children in lockdown?

"We live opposite a liquor store. I've never seen it so busy."

Here’s how you can successfully plan your child’s routine during the lockdown

There are many ways parents can keep their little ones entertained throughout the lockdown period.

Gabi Lowe on protecting vulnerable children during the lockdown

Those in good health find self-isolation challenging, but it is likely to be more so for those with loved ones with compromised physical, mental or emotional health.

Use this catchy tune to help put your children at ease during lockdown

"Melody activates the limbic system which allows us to feel, experience and move our emotions through us. An essential process for anyone experiencing uncertainly, anxiety, grief or fear."

Please protect your children during this lockdown period

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and ChildSafe SA are urging all adults, parents and caregivers to be extra vigilant and apply proper supervision over the young ones during this time.

Family in lockdown: Here are 4 ways to keep the kids happy (without resorting to Netflix)

Their normal sense of routine has been disrupted and you may be wondering how to ensure they don’t go stir crazy.

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